Kim Wilde - Here Come The Aliens

If you've ever had a Kim Wilde poster in your bedroom, you most likely enjoyed an awesome childhood. The everyone's wet dream in the 80's, her inviting stare and cleavage were hanging right next to some action movie tough guy like Dutch from "Predator" or Lt. Marion Cobretti from "Cobra" while actually blasting "Master Of Puppets" on a brand new tape deck "Phillips". Eh, this wasn't my childhood but at least I can fantasize about for a bit here introducing you to Kim Wilde's 14th studio album - "Here Come The Aliens".

Yes, you read that right - "Here Come The Aliens" and without any exaggeration, this is the English artist singing about goddamn aliens. Because why not? There are also other types of great childhoods and one of them surely includes "The X-Files" and "I Want to Believe" poster next to Blink-182 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer ones or something like that, and I can't help but admire Kim's effort going partly in this geeky direction. She is not exactly Tom DeLonge when we talk about extraterrestrial life but apparently, she believes she had an encounter. 

"Here Come The Aliens" was inspired from a moment in her garden when she thought she saw a UFO in 2009 and that changed her forever. So we might have here almost a decade of her thinking about this peculiar experience and that's why I said I find this effort to be admirable although that's just one side of the story.
Were these some of the posters in your bedroom when you were a kid?

Yet again, Kim worked in the studio with her brother Ricky Wilde and I gotta say this guy still knows how to write catchy songs (technically, he created all of her past chart-toppers). I mean, you can't expect "Here Come The Aliens" to be full of hits but trust me, "Pop Don't Stop" and "Kandy Krush" are 1000 times better than most crap you will hear on the radio. Both singles have distinctive synth-pop-rock vibe just so you can add more stuff to your '80's nostalgia until "Stranger Things" returns with the third season. 

The opening track "1969" has an anthemic post-punk/dance edge and starts you off to UFO thematics "I know they're watching me, I know they're hiding out there somewhere in the galaxy / They're out there in the stars, maybe they come from Mars? Here come the Aliens!". Later in the album, we have Kim singing about "Cyber Nation War" and "Rock The Paradiso" which sounds like a party anthem for adventurers on the go. 

Most of the songs are actually enjoyable but the production isn't exactly stellar - you can hear that both siblings are trying too hard to get that '80's feel. Kim's voice also doesn't always hit those high notes like she used to so when you combine these two things you may cringe occasionally. But just like she sings in "Pop Don't Stop" - "The music is your legacy", we can easily forgive these flaws. And Kim is someone whose image will live forever in the minds of those with the amazing childhoods.

P.S. - I also urge you to check out the anti-Xmas song "F U Kristmas!" she recorded with the parody metal band Lawnmower Deth 'cause it's hilarious. 

Listen if you:
have ever been abducted by aliens 👽
have seen at least 25 times the movie "They Live" (1988) with Rody Piper 😎
think Kim is still a sex symbol in her late... um, let's not finish that sentence 💃


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