EP marathon: The All Brights / The Bombpops / Dead Sara

There have been quite a few EPs this year that I wanted to review at some point but sometimes it feels like too much effort for 4 or 6 songs. So I decided to try again the formula with a combined post about some short releases like I did at the end of 2017. All three bands have been previously presented (and praised) here so these are EPs I was eager to listen. So here we go...

I remember laughing my ass off when The All Brights announced themselves to the world as the new supergroup on the punk rock scene with the song "Hell On A Surfboard". You are more than welcome to check out for yourself who's in the band. Their debut "...Are Wild For The Night!" EP was 100% pure and fresh fun and it can cure any bad mood. So I'm not going to surprise anyone stating that "The White Album" EP takes off where its predecessor left off but in an even more hilarious way.

It's all about vacationing, mocking social media and white men playing reggae, surfing and not giving a fuck about anything other than surfing except buying a boat. Yes, that's right. The EP ends with your new favorite ukulele summer anthem "I'm Buying A Boat" featuring Poli Van Dam from The Bombpops. The lyrics are probably the funniest I've heard in a while and I'm stating that knowingly there are some great contenders on this same release. The reggae track "Midwest Fuck Me" sounds like something that could have been huge in the second half of the '90s and the surfy "Last Blue Text" hits hard every guy who's had at some point of his life (or still has) a stalking Internet obsession with a random girl from a random live show.

The other three tracks are punkier/faster although they still have the surf rock edge. Also, there is a Me First And The Gimme Gimmes/Reel Big Fish novelty seasoning so if you've had any doubt about listening to The All Brights, thаt should be gone now. "The White Album" EP is a careless as its cover so you MUST add this to your summer soundtrack immediately. Or I'm gonna tell your mom.
Listen if you:
Like to surf or you're just a beach lover
Need a break from serious political and social topics in music

Recommendation Rate:

Mentioning The Bombpops in the previous review, 2017 was a huge breakout year form them after they finally released their first full-length album "Fear Of Missing Out". The band toured excessively promoting it and it was proved to be very well received by fans and critics alike. There were some ridiculous moments on the road - like one of the singers Poli Van Dam flashing her boobs on the side windows of the van to other drivers (it was on their Instagram story).

But the band cannot go on forever with such moments of nudity so they went on working on more projects like getting their own signature beer accompanied by even more music - their new "Dear Beer" EP. I haven't had the chance to taste their hoppy lager "The Bombhops" (brewed by Amplified Ales) yet but their new four songs taste just hoppy fine. 

The two girls and two boys hit their stride with "Fear Of Missing Out" and the new material is not much different from it which is good for now. All songs are equally melodic, goofy and catchy so there's a small chance of not liking them if you're into modern pop punk with female vocals. "Deer Beer" proves that The Bombpops are here to stay and I'm already looking forward to hearing more from them.
Listen if you:
Have ever dreamt to get "flashed" on the road
Are into female fronted bands

Recommendation Rate:
Comfortably moderate

It's been awhile since I've heard about Dead Sara. Their eponymous debut full-length record from 2013 was unexpectedly great after that they had issues with their label Epic Records and that resulted in their second album "Pleasured To Meet You" to fall into oblivion. I was mildly excited to hear that the band has not given up yet although they're now one guy less after the leaving of their bassist Chris Null.

The greatest asset of Dead Sara is the singing of Emily Armstrong. Her unique voice defines this band and "Temporary Things Taking Up Space" benefits from that. The opener "Times To Remember" is upbeat and funky as Armstrong's singing slaloms through the verses and the choruses while the melancholic "Anybody" finds the singer vulnerable as both songs seem to reflect on the band's short rise to fame past. Ironically "One Day We'll Make It Big" makes similar remarks with big '80's pop-rock vibe but Dead Sara also get political as fuck on tracks like "Unamerican" where Armstrong is super pissed at Donald Trump and the track itself sounds like a garage noise rock version of Sex Pistols' classic "Anarchy In The UK".

The EP's closer "Heaven's Got A Back Door" resembles something that The Pretty Reckless would do - anthemic rock'n'roll with addictive female vocals. "Temporary Things Taking Up Space" may be a new beginning for Dead Sara because this release is definitely a solid statement of what this band could achieve.
Listen if you:
Missed powerful female voices
'90's alternative rock and post-grunge

Recommendation rate:
Comfortably moderate


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